Monday, May 5, 2014

I love the look of a full statement necklace and this pretty beaded cluster necklace is definitely a bold piece. With the help of these step by step instructions you to can now make one yourself.

 Tools Needed:
• Long Nose Pliers
• Round Nose Pliers
• Crimping Pliers

Materials Needed:

• Bead Stringing Wire
• Assorted Round Glass Beads
• 2 Eye Pins
• 2 10mm Round Glass Beads
• 4 Jump Rings
• 2 pieces of chain 20 inches
• 1 Lobster Clasp
• 2 Crimp Beads

Secure your glass beads to headpins.

• 6 - 10mm round glass beads
• 38 - 8mm round glass beads
• 33 - 6mm round glass beads
(you can also combine a few 6mm bead with an 8mm bead, it helps add some fullness to the finished necklace)

Step One:

Attach the jumpring at the end of both strands of chain. Then secure the 10mm bead onto the eye pin by doing another loop at the end of the wire. You will need 2 of these for either side of the necklace. Attach your beading wire to the end of the eye pin loop. As pictured on the left!

Step Two:

Slide the glass pearl beads onto the stringing wire. I grouped the beads before stringing to get them in an arrangement that was pleasing to me. String them onto the wire which ever way you like.

Step Three:

When you are finished stringing on all the beads then its time to secure the chain to the finished end. Crimp off the end of the strand. Attach the loop end of the beading wire onto the loop of the eye pin which has the other 10mm. Then secure that to the jump ring which is attached on the other piece of chain.

Step Four:

Finish off your necklace with the lobster clasp and jump ring. And voila your finished beaded necklace. So pretty.

I would love to see your finished necklaces please feel free to comment and share. You can find this and other pretty pieces in my Etsy shop:

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