Saturday, May 21, 2011

Featured Artist Of The Month

This month's featured artist is Stephanie of Northern California Coast. I got a chance to interview her about her collection of lovely children's apparel and accessories! Here is what she had to say...

What type of artwork do you do?

Create children's clothing and accessories.

How long have you been creating?
Probably 8 years total . . . I was recently given a sewing machine, and decided less than a year ago to take up sewing after a very, very long hiatus!

I used to make most of my clothing as a teenager, because I was mortified whenever a classmate wore the same dress as me. Once my children were born, I found I was always having to work outside the home. Then there were the needles, pins and scissors that couldn't be left out where little toes and fingers could get hurt, so eventually the sewing machine went bye-bye!

How much time do you spend working on your craft?
Varies. Can go one or two weeks without creating, then can spend 20 hours the next two weeks!!! It has to be fun, or I don't do it!

What inspires you to create?
My grandchildren, they are very special little people. Colors and textures that I just want to reach out and touch , nostalgic things . . . like sock monkeys, ruffles, old buttons and bow-ties.

Do you have a designing process?
I love to collect patterns, fabrics, ribbon, and embellishments. In my mind I pull together design elements, but it's really fun when I sit down and arrange pieces to incorporate. Many times I go a different direction and making something else with the fabric or embellish with other pieces I have instead.

Where do you do your creating?
In my head, bouncing ideas back and forth at Starbucks with my BFF, then I get down and dirty cutting out patterns on my kitchen counter, and operating the sewing machine on the kitchen table, haha. My treat at the end is any hand sewing that needs to be done, while in bed watching television.

Have you always been artsy?
Never really thought of myself as "creative" or "artsy" for some reason. I always had a rebellious streak when it came to following sewing pattern suggested fabrics. Always wanting to "prove them wrong" and use something entirely different. That was during the 60s and 70s so experimentation is just what everyone did, just seemed normal, not artsy. My mother opened a bead shop several years ago, and she taught me to make a few pieces of jewelry. I have just begun collecting and moving beads around to see what strikes me, so I can make some beautiful pieces for moms and their little girls.

Do you have another job?
No, we don't have House Husband in our home! He works every day and I stay home, so you could say I'm retired.

Where do you sell your pieces?

Do you enjoy what you do?
I love what I do as long as I am enjoying the process, and not just rushing to a deadline. It is so rewarding when a piece is finished and I imagine a little one wearing it. Working at home on pieces affords me a day off when I want, then the next day, I can get back to it, rolling up my sleeves and gettin 'er done, ignoring the telephone and listening to my favorite old R&B tunes.

Do you have a favorite piece in your shop?
Probably the bow-ties, they are just so 40s-50s' style, and quite fun to make.


  1. Stephanie, I love seeing your work and am charmed by your creativeness and style! I look forward to seeing more of your work, and maybe even evesdropping on your creative sessions at SB's with our BFF! Hope to see you there!

  2. Great feature and blog- thanks for sharing with the late night queens team too!