Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter's On It's Way

Crochet Easter Egg $1.00

Adorable Easter Pendant $2.00
By: tweetbluebirddesigns

Bunny Rabbit Button $1.00
By: barrelofmonkeys

Up-cycled Easter Basket $9.00

Glycerin Bunny Soaps $2.00
By: soapscentsations

April is the month of Easter. What better way to get it started than with a collection of pretties from fellow Etsians. Here's a small collection I gathered featuring all the pretty collections of Easter eggs and bunnies and everything else Easter fun! To see more pretties click HERE to shop!

My baby Buckets

How I just love all cats especially my little guy Buckets. Hubby and I rescued him and brought him into our home on a cold rainy day in September when we had found him abandoned. We've had him since he was a little guy. He's now about 3 years old and is happy and oh so loved. Here he is caught off guard during his routine bedtime grooming. I was lucky enough to have been playing around with the camera tonight when I caught this photo of him. So cute he is. Thought I would share a photo with you all. Mommy loves you Buckets ♥

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Featured Artist of the Month

This month's featured artists are Courtney and Philip mason of Detroit Michigan. I got a chance to interview them and ask about their unique collection of hand-painted shoes and accessories. Here is what they had to say...

What type of artwork do you do?
We are illustrators, graphic designers and painters. At Studio Jellyfish we use the beautiful form of a high heel as our canvas and transform it’s lifeless exterior into wearable art. What we intend to do is make it so women are no longer restricted to flat one color shoes. As an alternative, women can now show off their fun, creative and classy side by just changing their shoes.

How long have you been creating?
We have always been artists. We believe that you are born an artist, and that “love for art” is something that you can’t be taught in a school. For several years now we have been illustrating, painting, and working daily on the computer. Much of what we do stays digital or becomes printed material. We wanted to find an outlet for our love of painting and traditional art. It wasn’t until I went shoe shopping one day that I realized women’s high heels are the perfect canvas for our art and design. As a woman, I felt it was important to give women all around the world an alternative to plain high heels. I have always loved fashion, however I found searching for unique heels to be quite a challenge. I began to think “Why not wear something colorful that makes you feel confident and able to stand out in the crowded sea of bland shoes.” Studio Jellyfish has really just been around for about 2 months now. But we are really excited to put all of our heart and souls into all the work and design we do at Studio Jellyfish.

How much time do you spend working on your craft?
We work hard every single day! Draw, paint, sketch.

What inspires you to create?
Overall I think that all the things we see and all that we want to do in our lives inspire us.

Do you have a designing process?
We often use pen and paper or Illustrator and Photoshop while sketching out designs or ideas. Afterward we move to the painting process, This is the really fun part. While we are painting we really get to express ourselves in color choices, line weight and the creation of the whole painting. When painting you are able to go into a different world, if even for just a moment and create something beautiful.

Where do you do your creating?
Mostly out of our studio.

Have you always been artsy?
We have always been artists. We believe that you are born an artist, and that “love for art” is something that you can’t be taught in a school. Even as children we were drawling and painting what we saw around us. Both Philip and I have always been extremely passionate about art and all that you are able to express by it. We honestly feel like two of the luckiest people in the world having found the one thing that we love to do more than anything else.

Do you have another job?
This is our full time job.

Where do you sell your pieces?
We sell our shoes and purses on our website as well as on Etsy

Do you enjoy what you do?
We Love what we do! We couldn’t be any happier that we have found the one thing in life that we love to do more than anything else.

Do you have a favorite piece in your shop?
I really think that they all are super fun but maybe bubble gum girl is one of our favorites!

Do you have a blog set-up?
We have a blog on our website: