Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Argh! You call this glue!

It's been a while since I blogged about anything. I decided to come back and write about a gripe I have. As a jewelry designer and crafter I thought it would be nice to have some earring cards to go with my artisan earrings. I wanted to use some pretty scrapbooking paper as the cover of my cards and realized I needed a gluestick. After a hunt for a really good glue stick at my local craft store. I picked up a Scotch craft glue stick. It was a tad bit on the high price but it said for crafts so it seemed perfect. Boy was I wrong! I got home that night and sat down to make my cards. I glued the pretty paper onto my cards, dazzled them up with some cute embellishments here and there, they were so pretty. A few days later when I went to use one of my earring cards, I noticed the pretty paper was starting to pop right off the card. Ummm isn't glue suppose to help things "stick"?
I will never, ever buy this type of glue again. I desperately would love to finish my cards without having my paper popping off. So if anyone has any good glues they would like to recommend please feel free to comment your favorite type. I've tried using the liquid glue as it seems to stick the best. Unfortunately when I tried that type it made my paper pretty icky looking with the final result!

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